The Thirteen Types of Selfies

Don’t lie. You’ve either taken, or been in a selfie. 

Some are better than others, some are just plain funny. 

Here’s a roundup of The Thirteen Types of Selfies.

1. The Ussie : When your selfie has more than two people.


2. The Accidental Selfie : When you open up your camera and boom! front facing camera. Hellloooo double chin. 


3. 1/2 Face Selfie : Sometimes, one side of your face looks better than the other. 


4. The Oscar Selfie : The selfie that broke twitter. 


5. The No-Shame-Selfie : Just a good ol fashioned selfie. 


6. The Mirror Selfie : Because sometimes you need to see the outfit too.


7. Natural Selfie : Hashtag Woke Up Like Dis


8. Destination Selfie : Hey look, Coachella! 


9. Drunk Selfie : How else are you going to know what went down the night before?


10. Starbucks Selfie : If you didn’t take a selfie with your Starbucks, did you really get Starbucks? 


11. Gym Selfie : Hashtag Gym Swag


12. Myspace Selfie : It’s all about the angles.


13. Selfie-Ception : When you go to take an Ussie, but everyone else is taking a selfie…. 


Did we forget any? Comment below with your favorite type of selfie! 

Written by Hannah Nunez, Zoe Nagy, Carly Schwartz, Larissa Thorold, Tyler Gurganus 


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