Trending Now: Babies, Boobs & Boys

Keli Frey, Rachel Padilla, Sydney Knoll, Lindsey Lester

Whenever I need some mindless entertainment my favorite place to go is BuzzFeed. It keeps me up to date with trending stories around the world, from the serious to the absurd.

Here are my 5 favorite stories trending right now:

1. A Bride Actually Tied Her Baby To Her Wedding Dress Train And Dragged Her Down The Aisle



Who needs a veil when you have a live baby? #LiveAccessories

2. 21 Kids Who Are Too Literal For Their Own Good



Thats my kind of kid! #ChildGenius

3. Quiz: What Should You Name Your Boobs?



Because, obviously, every girl needs to know this. #SuperBoobs


4. 29 Straight White Boys That Need To Be Stopped



We’ve all had that one guy #PSA #FoundOnTinder


5. YouTube Is Back On In Turkey Two Months After The Prime Minister Banned It


In case you’ve run out of quizzes to take, here’s what is going on in the real world. #PoliticalChange #There’sAlwaysMoreQuizzes


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