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About: This blog is about the big “No Nos” that you should never post to the public eye on Facebook. The blog is supposed to be funny yet a bit educational for some viewers.


1.) Last night was crazyyy!! I was on wayyyy to many drugs!! #yolo

2.) Seriously getting tired of pissing myself when I sneeze. #pregnancyproblems

3.) I hate my life! why is everyone prettier than me? ūüė¶ #FML

4.) I hate when bikers ride on the side of the road! One day I might just hit them.

5.) Opps, almost just dropped my hot pockets in the toliet!



Pin Your Life Away

¬†a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why pinterest hit 104 million visits in 1 month and is now the 3rd most popular social media site. women are 97% of the sites users and its because they trust the recommendations. because of that women have been brought together online like never before. brands and businesses are able to influence a target market almost effortlessly. so here are the¬†10 Reasons Why Pinterest is Successful


  • 100% Visual!¬†

  • Share what you love¬†

  • Less is more (functionality!)¬†

  • Fun & Easy¬†

  • Variety of Content¬†

  • Persistent¬†

  • All about discovery, no searching¬†

  • Everything is relevant¬†

  • No advertising¬†

  • Social bookmarking¬†


Written by Laura Romero 


How to survive FIDM finals week -Jena Huse

anna frozen

Those dreadful words that every college kid will hear in their college career: finals week. Just what is it about finals that make us all go co-co-for-co-co-puffs? There is no way it could have anything to do with the fact that some are literally worth twenty percent of our grade, could it? The fact that our whole week our friends are out blacking out at the club, and we are stuck keeping our eyes open in front of our computer, or a last minute 12p.m. trip to Kinkos. Draping, textile science, a 6 page paper, a four page magazine spread, a 3D purse, our finals are a little out of the ordinary for some people, but to us it is just like any other week here. F.I.D.M. a four letter acronym we all know way too much about.

So now that we are in finals week, let me tell you how to survive it. ¬†I know everyone tells you to get plenty of rest, but I am serious, go to bed! Your mind is not even functioning at that hour, so seriously just go to bed, and wake up early in the morning with a fresh mind and a fresh pot of coffee. You will thank me. Second, grab a friend! If you are like me, you will have all the time in the world to do homework but hanging out with your friends will seem so much more fun so you procrastinate until the last minute which will leave you way too stressed for your own good. Find some friends who are in your class, and find a good time for you all to meet, you will get a lot done trust me. Make it fun, someone bakes cookies, someone brings red bull, and you all get something done while feeling productive at the same time. Do not focus on the grade you are getting in the class, unless you are trying to transfer to a state school or a university, please do not stress o the grade you have in the class. What is most important is that you got something out of the class. I have had multiple teachers in my time here at F.I.D.M. some I feel are really tough on me, and I end the class with a C, but I will be the first person to tell you I learned way more in that class than the easy A teacher everyone else took. College is all about what you get out of it, not the grades. It is about the diploma not the grade. Finally, reward yourself for setting time aside for betting your future and reaching your goals. If you are 21, have a mimosa after your last final, if you aren’t, schedule a pedicure, go shopping with a friend. Make sure you reward yourself!

I wish everyone luck this week on finals. Please remember these are the best years of your life. Make the most of every minute here.

S.O.S.: #saveourshows

by Emilee, Megan, Jeremy, Lidia, and Jocelyn

The first ever hashtag was used in 2007 and the phenomenon has grown exponentially ever since. One of the most interesting uses for hashtags in recent years has been the integration with traditional media and television in particular.

BaBM_red-150x150In February of 2012, the scifi show Fringe was on the verge of cancellation. Fans were upset and and launched a social media campaign to save their favorite show. Each week they created a new hashtag based on the week’s most recent episode, with #BeABetterMan being the most successful. In five weeks, the campaign had racked up over 100,000 tweets. The campaign was successful and the show ran for at least one more season.


A similar thing happened recently with NBC’s new show Hannibal. The show did not have the best ratings for it’s second season and was also on the brink of cancellation. Fans launched a hashtag campaign across multiple social media platforms, mainly Twitter and Tumblr. The #eattherude campaign was so significant that the show’s creator, Bryan Fuller, took notice and took it to the head of NBC and was able to get the show renewed for a third season.

The-Voice-saveNBC’s The Voice uses hashtag campaigns in a different way. During the show, viewers can tweet using particular hashtags to instantly save their favorite contestant from being kicked off the show. Other reality competitions have started to adopt this model, as well, but The Voice has definitely been the most successful so far.


5 Bloggers You Need to Know!

By: Lauren Brown, Kathleen Clemons, Brittnee Crockett, Hanbit Lee

  1. Gal Meets Glam
  2. The Blonde Salad
  3. Cupcakes and Cashmere
  4. Fashion Toast
  5. Lust For Life

1. Gal Meets Glam is a popular blogger in San Francisco who posts about her everyday life. She brings all of her followers to add a little glam to their lives by posting fashion, food, and beauty inspiration.

What we’re loving from Gal Meets Glam:¬†http://galmeetsglam.com/2014/06/summer-golden-glow/

2. Chiara Ferragni, also known as The Blonde Salad, is a world traveling fashionista. Posting pictures of her spectacular lifestyle and travels are just a few of the things that The Blonde Salad excels at.

Currently on The Blonde Salad: http://www.theblondesalad.com/2014/06/comfy-wins.html


3. Cupcakes and Cashmere is a lifestyle blogger, who posts things that almost anyone can get in to. DIY projects, fashion advice, and trend forecasting are some of Emily’s hot spots- not to mention her amazing food posts!

Popular on Cupcakes & Cashmere: http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/series-stories/weekday-wardrobe-15


4. Another fabulous blog, Fashion Toast, is a perfect site to go to for all things travel and style associated. A world wide blogging sensation, bringing some of the most sought after beauty tips and style ideas there are.

Fashion Toast’s hot post of the week:¬†http://www.fashiontoast.com/2014/05/current-beauty.html


5. Lust for Life, a beautiful blog written by Olivia Lopez, is filled with pictures that will make you want to travel the world, eat a cupcake, and lose 10 pounds all at the same time. Her amazing style and fun loving personality make her posts all on the top of the must read list.

Our top post pick: http://lusttforlife.com/?p=14236

The Thirteen Types of Selfies

Don’t lie. You’ve either taken, or been in a selfie.¬†

Some are better than others, some are just plain funny. 

Here’s a roundup of The Thirteen¬†Types of Selfies.

1. The Ussie : When your selfie has more than two people.


2. The Accidental Selfie : When you open up your camera and boom! front facing camera. Hellloooo double chin. 


3. 1/2 Face Selfie : Sometimes, one side of your face looks better than the other. 


4. The Oscar Selfie : The selfie that broke twitter. 


5. The No-Shame-Selfie : Just a good ol fashioned selfie. 


6. The Mirror Selfie : Because sometimes you need to see the outfit too.


7. Natural Selfie : Hashtag Woke Up Like Dis


8. Destination Selfie : Hey look, Coachella! 


9. Drunk Selfie : How else are you going to know what went down the night before?


10. Starbucks Selfie : If you didn’t take a selfie with your¬†Starbucks, did you really get Starbucks?¬†


11. Gym Selfie : Hashtag Gym Swag


12. Myspace Selfie : It’s all about the angles.


13. Selfie-Ception : When you go to take an Ussie, but everyone else is taking a selfie….¬†


Did we forget any? Comment below with your favorite type of selfie! 

Written by Hannah Nunez, Zoe Nagy, Carly Schwartz, Larissa Thorold, Tyler Gurganus 

Trending Now: Babies, Boobs & Boys

Keli Frey, Rachel Padilla, Sydney Knoll, Lindsey Lester

Whenever I need some mindless entertainment my favorite place to go is BuzzFeed. It keeps me up to date with trending stories around the world, from the serious to the absurd.

Here are my 5 favorite stories trending right now:

1. A Bride Actually Tied Her Baby To Her Wedding Dress Train And Dragged Her Down The Aisle



Who needs a veil when you have a live baby? #LiveAccessories

2. 21 Kids Who Are Too Literal For Their Own Good



Thats my kind of kid! #ChildGenius

3. Quiz: What Should You Name Your Boobs?



Because, obviously, every girl needs to know this. #SuperBoobs


4. 29 Straight White Boys That Need To Be Stopped



We’ve all had that one guy #PSA #FoundOnTinder


5. YouTube Is Back On In Turkey Two Months After The Prime Minister Banned It


In case you’ve run out of quizzes to take, here’s what is going on in the real world. #PoliticalChange #There’sAlwaysMoreQuizzes